Toyota Boshoku Turkiye organized a certificate ceremony for high school students. The company has been providing training on the "Fundamentals of Production Field" since December. Eight 9th grade students from Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Motor Vehicles Technology Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, who had completed the training on "Workplace Safety, Quality and Efficiency", received their certificates on behalf of 100 students who completed the training.


The ceremony was attended by Arifiye District Governor Mr. Bekir DINKIRCI, Arifiye Mayor Mr. Ismail KARAKULLUKCU, and Arifiye Provincial Director of National Education Mr. Ismail GULAC. The school principal, Emrah ONAL, stated in his speech that they highly valued the collaboration between the school and the sector, and believed that this training would contribute significantly to the vocational development of their students. He also thanked the company officials on behalf of the school. The President of Toyota Boshoku Turkiye, Mr. Hakan KONAK, stated that they believed they had achieved their purpose of existence by contributing to society as much as they could and they would continue to share our corporate competencies with new projects. The Arifiye District Governor, Mr. Bekir DINKIRCI, also gave a speech at the ceremony. “A company that completes the triple axis of production, employment and export like Toyota Boshoku has a special place in our hearts. We attach importance to raising children with shopfloor. Our expectation from all our industrial firms is to produce their electricity needs from wind, solar or biogas."