Toyota Boshoku Türkiye commits to meet all requirements of environmental management system at its manufacturing activity of automobile interior productswhile contributing to society. 

We are committed to do and will:

  • Aim environmental conservation by assessing environmental impacts of production, setting environmental objectives & targets and achievement
  • Comply with national, regional environmental law and regulations together with requirements from  customers.
  • Being fully aware that “Taking measures at source” is thebasic principle of environmental management, work diligently on environmental protection at all stages from process development to disposal.
  • Minimize wastes, prevent pollution and eliminate environmental impacts of our business activities
  • Reduce natural resources usage and energy consumption as a company attaching importance to global environment.
  • We aim to prepare training  programmes Conduct training programmes to raise environmental consciousness among our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers. 
  • Support & cooperate with environmental protection activities while engaging in dialogue with local community.